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Septemebr 2018

The Gold Service Scholarship 

Time is running out to enter the 2019 Gold Service Scholarship
Listen to what Michael Staub, the 208 Scholar has to say.
If you do want to apply after listening to Michaels's passion???

Michael Staub 2018 Scholar

We have asked employees to encourage their front of house staff to put themselves forward for the prestigious award, the recipient of which is given the chance to hone their craft through a series of mentoring, travel and placement opportunities.

If you would like to know more about this unique opportunity please get in touch or use the link below to apply.

William Edwards –  bone china expert

Spent a wonderful day in Stoke – on Trent visiting the William Edwards fine bone chine; amazing to see how what we sometimes take for granted is made.
The company began when William returned to his hometown, Stoke on Trent, in 1993 after graduating from the Royal College of Art (RCA) to set up what is now known as William Edwards Ltd.
Brett Graham at the Ledbury

William's mission has always been to champion the craftsmanship and traditional skills found in Stoke-on-Trent, the heartland of England's ceramics industry since Josiah Wedgwood's heyday in the late 1700s.

William works with Michelin-star chefs like Brett Graham and Tom Kerridge to design some of the world's most beautiful yet “importantly” practical tableware collections.

Tom Kerridge at the Corinthian
Click to see some of the wonderful collections

Cleaner Products Strategy Meeting for 2019

Spent Friday locked in a strategy meeting with Pete & Lorraine Reilly related to our forward plans for Cleaner Products 2019, many great ideas were discussed some of which will become a reality in 2019, Pete and Lorraine  have been good friends for 20 years since I became a business associates 10 years ago.

“Pete Reilly commented “It’s always nice to spend time with John and Huguette to throw new ideas into the mix and chew over potential opportunities, after the meet we celebrated our first decade as business associates at Chapter One,a big thank you to Chef Andrew McLeish and his team at Chapter One for an outstanding lunch”

At Cleaner Products we manufacture and supply our own range of quality chemicals. Our growing list of clients in the hospitality sector love the quality, service and value – because there's no middleman. 

Chapter One – Locksbottom Kent

Chapter One Restaurant Locksbottom Orpington Kent one of the best restaurants South London is the perfect place to meet, to eat and to drink, It is firmly established as one of the country’s top restaurants

Chef – Patron Andrew McLeish and his team have created an impressive modern European menu, focusing on fantastic seasonal ingredients and an extensive wine list perfectly complements Andrew's refined cooking.
Chef Andrew

To book a table click on the link below.

"Learning hospitality can take a lifetime but after two hours with John Davey you’ll feel pretty special. The reason: because for John the art of hospitality is the art of making strangers relax and feel special.

John has done it all – he’s served princes, stars, the great, the good and the ordinary and he’s given all of them the same polished service that he learnt in the grand old palace hotels of yesteryear where service was more important than the food.

What John has done for his two hour talk is distil what he has learned from the great Maitre D’s of the past and combined it with his modern style of freer, fresher service"

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